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Why Bankruptcy?

Do these situations sound familiar?

- Are you only able to pay the minimum payment on your credit cards each month?  The balance never goes down and then because you have to make the minimum payment, you need to use the credit card for your living expenses?

- Has a creditor served you with a summons to appear in court and is seeking to garnish your wages or your bank account?

- Do you have medical debt that you don't know how to pay and has been sent to a collection agency?

- Can you never seem to get your head above water and put money in a savings account for a big purchase or to save for your future?

These are all situations that have become all to common in society today.  The rise in gas and food prices while wages stagnate or go down are causing good people to find themselves in financial crisis.  Financial problems and being overwhelmed in debt are among the most stressful situations people can get into.  Sometimes it feels like you will never get ahead.  Additionally, they cause problems in the family and may lead to divorce.

Bankruptcy might be the right answer for you.   Bankruptcy is a right given to you by the federal government to allow you to get out of debt and get on with your life.  You could be out of debt in less than 5 months and in most cases you won't have to repay any of it.

It's a difficult decision to file bankruptcy.  Let me help you!  I've been practicing law for over 21 years and have helped thousands of people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.  I offer a free consultation where I can look at your entire situation and let you know if bankruptcy is right for you.  My rates are competitive and are often lower than others and I offer an easy payment plan.  

You've lived with this stress for too long.  It is time to do something about it.  Call me today at (719) 636-0001, or use the link below to send me an email, to set your appointment for a free consultation! Don't face this stress alone.  I'll take it from here!